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LPCS offers the full continuum of housing and homelessness services, from drop-in support for street-based individuals to permanent supportive housing.


Interim Housing Community

LPCS's two interim housing facilities (shelters) provide 24-hour residence, safety, and support to 83 Guests experiencing homelessness each day. Case Managers offer individualized support and goal-setting support using our “On Track” method in three tracks: addiction recovery; mental and physical health; and employment and education. LPCS serves 250 individuals annually via interim housing.

Call 311 and request "help with shelter" to be placed in the first available bed in the city, including beds at LPCS.

Drop-In Services & Community Outreach

LPCS provides weekly outreach and drop-in supportive services (showers, laundry, clothing, toiletries, meals, referrals, and case management) to individuals who are currently experiencing street-based homelessness. LPCS serves more than 200 individuals annually via drop-in services. Drop-In hours are Monday - Friday 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. at 1521 N. Sedgwick St., Chicago, IL 60610.

Call 773-549-6111 to speak with an LPCS staff member about accessing these services.


For immediate help with shelter, please call 311 to be linked to a shelter via the City of Chicago. LPCS is connected with clients through the 311 service. You can inquire about LPCS, however, please note that you may still be directed to a different program. If you are fleeing domestic violence, please be sure to let the 311 representative assisting you know. For shelter outside of Chicago city limits, call 312.748.6000. For 24-hour domestic violence resources, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

LPCS offers four core programs to individuals facing homelessness and poverty: Interim Housing, Affordable & Permanent Supportive Housing, Drop-In Services (Community Engagement), and Graduate Community.

Permanent Supportive &
Affordable Housing

LPCS facilitates independent housing and support services for 17 individuals living with disabilities through the Independent Community Living Program (ICLP). Additionally, LPCS houses and supports 20 individuals through project-based units at our Sedgwick Old Town location. We serve 37 individuals annually through permanent supportive and affordable housing, several of whom are graduates of our interim housing community. 

Call 312-361-1707 to join the waitlist for affordable housing and programs like these through the Coordinated Entry Call Center.

Graduate Community & Support

LPCS provides ongoing support to former interim housing Guests, including case management and access to the pantry and closet, in order to ensure continued success into independent housing. At least one representative from the Graduate community serves on the LPCS Board of Directors. LPCS serves approximately 80 Graduates annually. 

Call 773-549-6111 to speak with an LPCS staff member about accessing these services.

When an LPCS interim housing Guest meets their goals, obtains independent housing and is ready to move out of the shelter, our community celebrates with our signature "bell ringing ceremony". Guests have the opportunity to ring our mission bell as a symbol of their progress and the mark they've left on the LPCS community. We encourage you to check out the video below to experience the LPCS spirit!

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